Set off again at the age of 30-the 30th anniversary of Sanwang Industry and the 2022 year-end summary conference

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On January 16, 2023, the 30th anniversary of Sanwang Industry and the 2022 year-end summary meeting were held in the company's multi-function hall. At the meeting, Mr. Wang Yingmao, chairman of the board of directors, reviewed the company's past 30 years, expressed sincere thanks to the employees who have come along the way and commended the old employees for more than 10 years. At the meeting, Mr. Wang Bowen, general manager, looked forward to the new journey in the future and deployed new strategic objectives. At the end of the meeting, the company's 2022 advanced individuals were commended and rewarded.

Thirty years is a historical leap, but also a new starting point.

Thirty years of achievements, honors and glory belong to the past, and development and leapfrogging are just around the corner.

All employees of Sanwang must cherish the hard-won development results more, unite closely, and devote themselves to the new historical torrent of the company's leapfrog development with more enthusiasm, more high morale, and more aggressive drive, and create Sanwang's new glory with more excellent results.




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