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Breeding Base

Breeding Base


  The company adheres to the production and operation mode of “company+recorded breeding base+farmers breeding cooperative” to guarantee the quality of products from source. By 2014, it has already developed 6 farmers breeding cooperatives; meanwhile, it has developed 32 large-scale recoded breeding bases covering all regions of Hunan Province. 

  With the management mode of “five unification”, the company implements unified provision of boars, unified purchase, unified supply of veterinary drugs, unified supply of fodder and unified epidemic prevention disinfection for breeding bases and cooperative to purchase by preferential prices according to market quotation. It implements management, supervision and technical guidance for the breeding process and makes sampling check, including fodder, veterinary drugs, potable water, environment and waste disposal, etc. With the mechanism innovation of “farmers’ breeding cooperative and recorded breeding bases”, the company achieved effective control of pig source and effective guarantee of products quality. 

  The company has entered a university-enterprise cooperation agreement with Hunan Agricultural University, which has become the “industry-university-research” cooperation teaching base of Hunan Agricultural University. Both parties have reached a strategic cooperation and together established a science and technology research and development team, thus to provide a strong technical support for the research and development, quality guarantee, freshness retaining of meat deep-processing products and pig-breeding management. It focuses on establishing a technological innovation mode which takes enterprise as subject, takes market as guiding and emphasizes combination of industry-university-research cooperation.  


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