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Chairman’s Speech

Chairman’s Speech

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  • Time of issue:2021-02-03 10:33:26
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  Happiness is everywhere. The real happiness is the process of creating happiness for others. The highest state of life is to offering help for others and to reward society. Sanwang today is developing well based on the understanding of life and happiness; and based on the agreement of this understanding, Sanwang people are cultivated. 

  Since the foundation, Sanwang has developed for 23 years in spite of difficulties and hardships. Over the past 23 years, we have gone through difficulties and seized opportunities; the company has completed the primitive capital accumulation and gone through the hardship from small to large, from weak to strong. Today the company has gathered a large number of talents and created a strong employee team. The reasonable adjustment of industrial structure and effective transformation of management mode have established a firm foundation for the development of Sanwang in the future. 

  For the achievements of Sanwang today, I sincerely appreciate the support and care of leaders at all levels and friends of all fields who have provided establishment foundations and development conditions for Sanwang. I hope we will together create and achieve a more brilliant future with your support and care. 

  Meanwhile, I sincerely appreciate my new and old customers who have cooperated with Sanwang for many years, sent our products to thousands of households and won a broad market for us. I sincerely pray for your support as usual and sincere cooperation to achieve a win-win situation, share the happiness today and witness the future prosperity. 

  At last, I sincerely appreciate my employees who have achieved Sanwang’s prosperity today by selfless dedication. I sincerely hope that you will work together with Sanwang and share achievements with us in the future. 

  Looking forward to the future, we have both opportunities and challenges. As a person of Shaoshan which is hometown of great man, Mao Zedong, we are more confident to overcome all difficulties, make continuous innovation, fight industriously and sail bravely in the wave of global economic integration.

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