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Development History

Development History

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·In 1992, Sanwang Industry Co., Ltd. was founded.

·In 1992, Sanwang Industry was awarded as contract-stressing and promise-keeping enterprise in Xiangtan City.

·In 1992, the company obtained the proprietary for import and export via safety and health registration of national food for export.

·In 1996, Sanwang Industry was awarded as a township enterprise advanced unit for foreign exchange earnings through exports in the whole Hunan Province.

·In 2002, the company moved in Yongquan Science and Technology Park, Shaoshan.

·In 2003, the company was recognized as a leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Xiangtan City.

·In 2004,the company was awarded as an excellent private enterprise by Shaoshan People’s Government.
 The company passed the GB/T 22000-2006/ISO22000:2005(HACCP) certification.

·In 2005, Sanwang Industry was classified as provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprise by provincial party committee and provincial government.

·In 2006, Chairman Wang Yingmao was awarded as honorary title of an excellent builder for socialist cause with Chinese characteristics by CPC (Communist Party of China) Shaoshan municipal party committee and Shaoshan People’s Government.

·In 2006, the company passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.

·In 2007, the company was awarded as the second prize for agricultural industrialization leading enterprise in Xiangtan City.

·In 2008, the company was awarded as the city 2007 advanced unit for currency by Xiangtan Bureau of Commerce.
 The company was also awarded as 2007 top ten enterprise for agricultural industrialization development in Xiangtan City.

·In 2009, the company was awarded as a key informational linkage enterprise by MOFCOM, and approved to become a member unit for center reserve meat in the same year.

·In 2010, the company was awarded as 2009 advanced unit for modern agriculture development in Xiangtan City.
  It became a council member of Hunan Pig Breeding Association.

·In 2011, the first farmers’ breeding cooperative--Shaoshan Ruyi Farmers’ Cooperative was founded.
 Series of products of Sanwang Industry were awarded as the gold award of The Fifth China Hunan International Expo.
  Sanwang Industry was awarded as 2011 advanced unit for scientific and technical innovation in Xiangtan City.

·In 2012, the central reserve base was built and put into use.

·In 2012, Shaofeng Brand Cut Meat was awarded as title of Hunan famous brand products.

·In 2013, series of products of Sanwang Industry Co., Ltd. were recognized as international famous brand in Hunan Province.

·In 2014, the company was recognized as AAAA logistics enterprise.

·In 2014, the Phase II plant expansion project with total investment of 100 million yuan was completed and put into operation. The company has achieved the annual meat deep-processing capacity of 60 thousand tons, annual pig slaughter capacity of 2 million and refrigerated storage capacity of more than 30 thousand tons.

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